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Make leadership

a team game

Here’s the thing: a leadership team is not a team of leaders. Rather, it needs to be managed, coached and nurtured as its own special unit – with all the ups, downs and opportunities that come with it. Our coaching bridges the gap between the individual and the team, to drive performance in every dimension.


We make teamwork

work for teams

Unlocking performance in a leadership team means understanding all the personal and professional dynamics at work. In partnering with teams, we typically look to develop a long-range programme that lets us work together on both 1-2-1 and team coaching, although we’re also happy to provide one-off and short-term support.

Together, we baseline skills and ask key questions to clarify what it takes for your team to be effective. Questions like:

  • Do you have the right skills and people?

  • Do individuals behave in a way that helps the team perform?

  • Does the team work in a way that helps the team perform?

Tackling big questions together

Every team is different, so we bring a wide range of tools and frameworks into our team coaching.

We’re experts in the widely used ‘5 Dysfunctions of a Team’ methodology, and pair this with our own ‘Power of Effective Teams’ programme. We also employ tools like Energy Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Hogan.

Taken together, this approach can help a team address almost any issue, or optimise to pursue a specific opportunity.

We help teams with a wide range of challenges, including:


  • Help having difficult conversations

  • Dealing with conflict avoidance

  • How to have healthy debates

  • Avoiding the ‘dirty yes’ (which Brené Brown defines as “when I say yes to your face and then go behind your back”)

Start yesterday

Team fitness doesn’t come overnight. So the time to start building it is now, ready for whatever’s next.

We work with leading organisations on every aspect of effective team performance, from creating a team charter, to improving working relationships and communication, to building trust, overcoming conflict and managing change.

When you consider the downstream impacts of your leadership team, good and bad, you can see immediately what’s at stake. Leadership team coaching can be the number one way to unlock performance. And the sooner you start, the sooner your whole organisation will see the benefit.

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