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Introducing the Rejuvenation Day: a unique combination of professional coaching and massage therapy, designed for truly holistic wellbeing. We can tailor your Rejuvenation Day to be delivered in person or remotely, and for individuals, small groups and leadership teams.


Wellbeing for the modern workplace

Even before the pandemic, wellbeing was becoming increasingly important for leaders. How are my people doing? What builds resilience and what leads to burnout? And above all: how can I help?


As we navigate a new working world, these questions have only become more urgent. 


We’ve spent years working with leaders on how to develop their effectiveness and self-awareness. And we’ve thought long and hard about how to bring that balanced outlook to more aspects of our lives.


The result is the Rejuvenation Day – a wellbeing programme for the way we work now. 


In an Autumn 2020 study by Harvard Business Review, 85% of people surveyed said that their wellbeing had declined during the pandemic.


What a difference a day makes

Rejuvenation Days combine professional coaching with physical massage therapy. While many wellbeing providers promise a holistic experience, we truly bring mind and body together. 


We focus our attention on your most valuable professional and personal goals. Each day is designed from the ground up to create just the right session for you or a larger group. 


During a Rejuvenation Day, our professional coaching is tailored to be highly effective in a single one-hour session. And we offer a range of therapy treatments for both online and in-person treatments, from aromatherapy to full-body massage.

Remote or in person,

for teams of all sizes


Small teams

Corporate retreats

Through videoconferencing, we can deliver the full Rejuvenation Day experience to a single individual over the course of two hours.


The day includes an hour of  professional coaching, tailored to the participant’s chosen wheel of focus, and their choice of massage and aromatherapy treatment.

We can tailor a Rejuvenation Day for a small group of up to 6 people a day in person, or as many as 8 remotely.


Each participant is able to choose their wheel of focus and treatment, and we’re happy to consult with team members before the day to advise on the most suitable choice.

For larger groups like leadership retreats, the Qi Performance team can join you for multi-day programmes of coaching and physical therapy.


These sessions are highly tailored, and we encourage you to get in touch if you’re considering a leadership offsite that could benefit from a bespoke rejuvenation programme.


"If you don't make time for wellness, you'll be forced to take time for sickness."

Download the brochure

To learn more about Rejuvenation Days, including full details on our coaching 'Circles of Focus' and massage therapy treatments, please download our brochure.

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