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For leaders who do the work

Executive coaching isn't for everyone. Controversial? Well, it's not our quickest route to new business. But the truth is, you need to bring the right attitude to a coaching relationship: not looking for easy answers, but help with the right questions. Coaching is work. And that's why it works.


Finding your path forwards

We live in a world that's obsessed with performance. Maintaining results often isn't enough – it's all about exceeding, innovating, doing better next time... And for leaders, that can produce exhausting expectations.

​But you can't just give more and more. Somehow, you need to step back. To gain clarity. To manage yourself better. And to figure out where your effort makes the biggest difference.

​That's where Executive Coaching comes in. We work with you to take a multidimensional view of your behaviours, opportunities and challenges, enabling you to take the right actions and make optimal decisions.


Developing your awareness

Our coaching practice is all about making you more aware.

Aware of your options. And conscious of your own energy and attitudes as you tackle your biggest questions. Through structured coaching sessions and professional assessment, we’ll guide you to a better understanding of your full potential:

  • How to build on existing strengths

  • How to address derailing behaviours

  • How to remove self-imposed barriers and restrictions


To learn more about the world-class tools we use in our coaching practice, visit our Services page.

Qi Performance

Coaching Streams

We structure our individual coaching across five streams, and tailor our programmes to the personal needs of executives and senior managers, and to the business context of their organisation.

Every coaching relationship is highly individual, but these streams show the range of our work and the many ways we can support you.

1: Trusted Confidant/Sounding Board
For C-suite Senior Executives and Senior Leaders

2: Performance Growth
For leaders at all levels with a defined set of objectives

3: Promotion
For leaders promoted to a larger scope of responsibility

4: First Time Leader
For newly appointed leaders

5: Executive On-Boarding
For newly hired executives joining your organisation

Partners in success

If your job was easy, someone else would be doing it. But you're not alone. Coaching gives you structured, expert support in understanding and tackling your biggest challenges.

The best thing, always, is to talk. Many of our clients didn’t even know they needed a coach before they started working with us.


So even if you’re just curious, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about how coaching works, and how a tailored programme with Qi Performance can help you unlock your full potential.

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