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Change your change management

70% of all change programmes fail because of the human element. Now there's a stat to keep you up at night. But it doesn't have to be that way.


Create better outcomes

through coaching

'Change management' is a broad term. Too broad, in our opinion. And too inclined to overlook the importance of the people who are delivering, managing, and affected by that change.

When we support teams through significant change, we focus on the idea of transition – the human perspective on any period of change.


Through 1-2-1 coaching and small weekly sessions, we identify blockers and develop behaviours that will help your change programme progress with less psychological wear and tear.


Every change happens differently

A key part of our process is guiding you through a Transition Assessment to help you understand your organisation's level of readiness.


Every organisation is different, and having an honest picture of your context is crucial to success. (If 70% of change programmes fail due to the human element, the other 30% are victims of wishful thinking.)

We look at 5 categories to identify the attitudes, enablers and barriers that form the background context for any change programme:

  • AAAA

  • BBBB

  • CCCC

  • DDDD

  • EEEE

Success starts with openness

In our Transition Coaching sessions, we help participants face into what people are really feeling about the change process, and how it influences their behaviour. 


At its heart, it's about creating psychological safety – then working together to shift everyone's energy to focus on solutions.

It's past time for change management to change. Through Transition Coaching, we make change something that happens through people, not to people.
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